New Tarmac Driveway

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new tarmac driveway

A recent tarmac driveway transformation carried out by New Drives and Landscapes


The front of this property featured a single driveway and a large raised bed and stepped area to the left and immediately to the front of the property. The old retaining walls were just a single skin thick wall, so over time had become damaged and very unstable. The steps to the front door we unsuitable, whilst the banked retaining was just 60 cm’s from the front porch, so this leaved very little room for manoeuvre. The driveway was approx. 30 years old, so was showing considerable signs of decay. 


A large amount of earth and rubble were removed from the site using local grab hire services. The area was cleared and prepared using MOT class 1 sub-base.  New double skinned retaining walls to the right hand side of the driveway were built, using a combination of dense blocks and a high quality facing brick. The walls that featured around the small landscaped area to the right hand side of the drive were constructed of 1 brick thick high quality facing bricks. The area was finished in blue slate aggregate. To ensure adequate drainage, new channel drainage was installed across the entire front of the property and installed into the existing rain water gully. 

Light grey pavers were used around the perimeter of the driveway and across the main entrance. The driveway was finished in SMA black tarmac and is now suitable for 3 vehicles.

The new driveway took just 9 days from start to finish.

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What you should do now

If you’d like us to dramatically improve your driveway, then please contact us for a quotation. This is just one of our examples of tarmac driveways in Northampton.